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Salon Integrity Points Promotion 2019


I appreciate your business at Salon Integrity!


I have initiated a Rewards Point System that does'nt require you to keep track of. Purchase $40.00in retail products every 3 months and in combination with your service dollars you will receive 100 points for every dollar spent n the salon! Here is how it works!

50,000points = 10% off service

60,000points = 10% off service and retail items

75,000points = 15% off service

90,000points =  15% off service and retail items


These rewards may only be used on 1 service per day, on a single visit. This Rewards Program will be updated regularly, please keep checking back for future updated and offers!  Monthly promotions will be updated on another page so please check those out also!


Happy Savings Day, Salon Integrity!!!

























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